*New* WhatsApp Dare Games, Puzzles, Messages & Questions with Answers


WhatsApp Dare Games are touching the heart of young Boys & Girls in these days. It makes our Loved ones more closed by asking them interesting WhatsApp Dare Questions. 😀 If you have ever sent these type of WhatsApp Dare Messages to anyone then you already know how it feels to complete those interesting dares. ;-D Dare Games for Facebook & WhatsApp are very interesting to play with friends. This article is going to be very special for all the Young boys & girl. Teenager category likes to most to lay such type of games throughout Social Media. ;-DBut, it is not an easy task to find out interesting games for Social Media so we have decided to share lots of WhatsApp Puzzles & Quiz all in a single article.

Best Whatsapp Dare Games 2018

WhatsApp is one of the best chatting application in the world. We all love to send WhatsApp Dares to our friends and family members. As it is very fast Chatting app, we all prefer to use WhatsApp for playing WhatsApp Dare Games with our loved ones. There is no any other Social Media chatting app can beat this. Let you know, in this article, I am going to share some very interesting WhatsApp Puzzles which you can play with anyone. You can send all these WhatsApp Quiz to your friends and ask them to reply within seconds. Whatsapp Dare Games are much interesting to play with our friends, family, and lover. If you are also looking some new Whatsapp Dares then this article is very special for you. I am going to share Whatsapp Dare Questions with Answers in this whole article. Almost every type of Whatsapp Dare Quiz is available in this collection. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and copy your desired Whatsapp Dare Messages. I’m going to show you some of the best Whatsapp truth and dare questions or quizzes which make this game more interesting. I’m sure you will love it and you will share this with your friends.

New Whatsapp Emoji Dare Games 2018

Dare 1: 15 Indian Cities names are hidden in the below-given clues, find out all of them and tell me the names of all cities.

  1. ❤li
  2. 🔥®🅰
  3. ➡🚪
  4. ⚫🔫
  5. ⛓🆕
  6. 💣💃🏻
  7. 🏛®U
  8. 🕌 🛏
  9. 🐷🌃
  10. ♦🐍®
  11. 🅿🍪N🅰
  12. 👂🏻💨rrr…
  13. 🌁🏔🗻🐍®
  14. T🍪🐍®
  15. 🌙D🏠


  1. Delhi
  2. Agra
  3. Indore
  4. Calcutta
  5. Chennai
  6. Bombay
  7. Bengaluru
  8. Hyderabad
  9. Surat
  10. Itanagar
  11. Patna
  12. Kanpur
  13. Srinagar
  14. Tatanagar
  15. Chandigarh

Dare 2: Choose any one Mobile function from the given list and I will tell you about how will be your life partner…

1) Messaging 📩
2) Contacts ☎
3) Camera 📷
4) Media 📽
5) Apps 🎮
6) Setting 🛠


1) Messaging: Loving and Caring
2) Contacts: Very talkative and Bold
3) Gallery: Romantic and Deep Thinker
4) Media: Social and Fashionable
5) Apps: Boring and Selfish
6) Setting: Irritating

WhatsApp Quiz Games 2018

You has to Solve below given WhatsApp Quiz in 5 minutes.

For example:

Question: 26 L of the A

Answer: 26 Letters of the Alphabet

Now, it’s your turn. Solve below given 10 Quiz as fast as you can.


206 B in a B
24 H in a D
18 H on a G C
7 W of the W
6 B in a O
52 C in a P
7 D of the W
5 F on a H
64 S on CB
12 S of the Z

1) 206 Bones in Body
2) 24 Hours in a Day
3) 18 Holes on a Golf Course
4) 7 Wonders of the World
5) 6 Balls in an Over
6) 52 Cards in Pack
7) 7 Days of the Week
8) 5 Fingers of Hand
9) 64 Squares of Chess Board
10) 12 Signs of Zodiac

Whatsapp Dare Games for New Year 2018

Dare: Choose any number between 1 to 15 and I will tell you how 2018 will be for you.
1. Your ex will be back
2. You will get your dream job
3. Your best friend will ditch you
4. You will meet your childhood love
5. You will buy your dream car
6. You will get a chance to work in a bhojpuri song video
7. You will get a new pet
8. You will get your love of life
9. You will win a jackpot
10. People will get to know your top most secret
11. You will get a hug from your enemy
12. You will get ditched by your gf/bf
13. You will have a foreign trip
14. You will get married
15. You will get a big surprise from your family

WhatsApp Dare Games for Friends 2018

Dare 1: Select your desired color from the list and you have to perform according to your selected color’s dare.

Sky Blue

Red: Send Me your worst selfie.
Green: Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.
Blue: Make your partner pic to your’s DP (display picture).
Black: Say I Love You, 3 times.
White: Tell your deepest secret to your partner.
Pink: Drink 1 bottle of soda in 20 seconds.
Yellow: Tell me whom you kissed for the first time.
Sky Blue: Introduce me to your all friends and a BF/GF.

Dare 2: Select your desired Smiley and reply me within 5 seconds. After that get ready to complete Dare for your selected smiley.

😘  😚  😍  😙  😜  😝  😛  😄  😃  😀  😗  😒  😊  😉  😳  😁  😭  😌  ☺  😞  😣  😢  😂  😏  😪   😥  😰  😅


  • 😘 – Tell me something about your personal life.
  • 😚 – Give me Cadbury silk when u meet me.
  • 😍 – Write my name on your status for 6 hours.
  • 😙 – How you want me to be?
  • 😜 – Send me your crush picture.
  • 😝 – Write your status saying you love me.
  • 😛 – Put my DP as your for 2 day
  • 😄 – Send me your funniest picture.
  • 😃 – Tell me your crush name.
  • 😀 – What do you feel about me?
  • 😗 – Put my DP and my status for 4 hours.
  • 😒 – Hug me tight when you will meet me.
  • 😊 – Do me any work.
  • 😉 – On spot, selfie must send now whatever You are doing.
  • 😳 – Do my recharge of 198/-
  • 😁 – Send me 10 friendship messages.
  • 😭 – Describe me in 3 lines.
  • 😌 – Take me for a long drive
  • ☺ – Tell me ur deepest secret.
  • 😞 – Tell me whom you kissed first in your life
  • 😣 – Tell me honestly whom do you love?
  • 😢 – Tell me about your love. Describe him/ her.
  • 😂 – Write a status that I am the best and keep it for one day.
  • 😏 – I will ask you three questions which you have to answer honestly.
  • 😪 – Upload a picture which I will give you, as your profile pic on Facebook.
  • 😥 – Propose me right now.
  • 😰 – Send me a video of yours by saying anything.
  • 😅 – Write a text about me and send it to me.

Funny Whatsapp Dare Games with Answers

Dare: Select any one from below. I can say your life partner’s character. This is going to be really fun.

11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 00

Please reply fast.


11: Always fighting with you.

22: Always smiles.

33: Your life partner is a non-stop kisser once started kissing.

44: Every day is a honeymoon with your partner.

55: You both make a perfect couple and made for each other.

66: Always shows love and care for you.

77: Get’s angry for everything.

88: Most irritating life partner. Sorry, but it is true.

99: Your life partner always wanted to spend time with you.

00: Your life partner treats you and your child in the same way. True love.

Dare: If I will go so far from you forever, what will be your last word to me? Select our desired number from 1 to 11 and let me know about your thinking.


1: Don’t Go Please

2: God Will Be With You Always

3: I can’t Live Without You

4: I Love You, Stay Always With Me

5: Go and Die, Don’t Return Again

6: Can You Live Without Me?

7: I Can Live Without you

8: Fuck Off! I Don’t care

9: I Will Miss You

10: Don’t Forget me

11. Take Care

Whatsapp Dare Games for Couples with Answers

Dare: Select one number below and it will decide the name I’ll call you from today.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Reply fast. It is interesting. From today I’ll call you with that name.


Dare: Select your desired Heart Number and reply me in 10 seconds and I will send you Dare for your selected Heart and remember that you can’t back out as you have chosen to play this Whatsapp Game.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10 ❤11 ❤12 ❤13 ❤14 ❤15 ❤16 ❤17 ❤18 ❤19 ❤20 ❤21


Here is the Dare to perform for your selected Heart Number.

1. ❤ Propose Me. 📷

2. ❤ Make My Name As Your Status, Saying That You Want To Marry Me.💍

3. ❤ Send Me I Love You. 😛

4. ❤ Sing Your Favourite Song Or Dedicate A Song To Me As A Video Clip. 🎵

5. ❤ Speak About Me For At Least 3 Minutes And Send Me A Video. 😝

6. ❤ Tell Me Which Brand Undergarments You Wear.💃

7. ❤ Hug Me When We Meet.

8. ❤ Flirt me!!😳

9. ❤ Make A Collage Of Our Photos And Make It DP. 👻

10. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of Your First Crush. 😂

11. ❤ Write I Love You 50 Times And Send It To Me. 😏

12. ❤ Tell Me The Name Of First Girl/Boy, You Kissed. 😛

13. ❤ Come On Video Call And Send Me Kisses. 😘

14. ❤ What Am I To You?

15. ❤ Be My One Day BF/GF. 👫

16. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of What You Are Doing Now.

17. ❤ Do, 6,7 and 11th Dare.

18. ❤ Dance On Any Song And Send Me The Video.

19. ❤ Send Me A Picture Of You Wearing Least Clothes.

20. ❤ Tell Me Two Negative Points About Me That You Hate The Most.

21. ❤ Tell Me Your Deepest Secret.

Dare: Select any lucky ❤ Number and I will send you Dare for your selected.❤ Remember you can’t back out if you choose to play this dare.

❤1 ❤2 ❤3 ❤4 ❤5 ❤6 ❤7 ❤8 ❤9 ❤10


❤1 Be My One Day BF/GF.

❤2 Make my photo your WhatsApp DP.

❤3 What you like the most in me?

❤4 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?

❤5 Rate me in looks from 1 to 10.

❤6 Kiss me..

❤7 Propose me.

❤8 Tell me your relationship status-Single or Committed.

❤9 What qualities do you search in your life partner?

❤10 Tell me your girlfriend/boyfriend name.

Whatsapp Emoji Dare Games with Answers

Dare: Select anyone and reply within 2 minutes.



💪💪: Put My DP on your WhatsApp for 2 days
👏👏: Propose Me
👉👉: Get Me Recharge of 100rs
👊👊: Come to a Party with Me
✊✊: Kiss Me
👌👌: Post I Love You status for 2 days on your Facebook timeline
👋👋: Give me a Tight Hug
👐👐: Send me your Worst Pic.
🙌🙌: Tell me the best you see in me
🙏🙏: Tell, What you hate most in me?
👎👎: Tell me who is the ugliest girl in our class
✌✌: Send Me I love You 5 Times ❤
☝☝: Tell me the name of your all Crushes till now

Whatsapp Numbers Dare Games with Answers

Dare: Choose a number from 1 to 50 and reply fast. Get ready for the dare.


1- Give me a treat

2 – Send me your cutest pic

3 – Be my slave for 2 days.

4 – What’s your deepest secret?

5 – Make my picture your dp for 1 day

6 – Delete my number

7 – What change would you want in me?

8 – Ask me out

9 – Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”

10 – Take a picture of yourself & send it to me

11 – Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t…

12 – Call me and tell I LOVE YOU

13 – Do a favor on me

14 – What would u want our relation to be?

15 – Ice cream treat

16 – Call me and say my name in a loud voice!

17 – Write my name on your status saying You love me..!!

18 – Send me your crush photo .

19 – Write my name

20 – Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!

21 – Send me a picture of what your doing now.

22 – Voice clip me saying I wanna love you !

23 – tell me one thing you have never told anyone

24 – what are your feelings about me?

25 – Tell me a secret about you 😀

26 – Tell me a secret about your relationship?

27 – Make our combined picture as your dp for 1 day

28 – Send a voice note saying that you love me.

29 – Suggest me to do something 😉

30 – Write my name in Your status

31 – Make a dp of u and a guy with you.. But he should not be your bf.

32 – Give me a treat

33 – Send me your best friends number :p

34. Voice clip send me your gonna crazy

35 – Send me a picture of your crush

36 – Put your status for a day saying “I Miss You (My Name)”

37 – Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now

38 – Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O

39 – Ask me out

40 – Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you

41 – Tell me one thing you have never told anyone.

42 – What’s your deepest secret?

43 – Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!

44 – Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t

45 – How would you describe me?

46 – Be my slave for 2 days

47 – Send me a picture of what your doing now.

48 – Write your phone number in your status

49 – Send me your favourite chaddi (shorts) pic 😛

50 – What am I to you??

Dare: select any 1 and you will have your dares to perform any one from the listed dares

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #0.


#1 What you like the most in me?
#2 Tell something which you do not like in me !
#3 Write a Whatsapp status for me for next 12 hours !
#4 Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
#5 What kind of relationship do you expect from me ?
#6 Rate me as a friend from 3 to 9
#7 Rs 10.5 recharge on my phone
#8 Tell me your relationship status-Single, Committed, Complicated, Engaged, Married, Divorced
#9 Call me and sing a song 4 me !
#0 Rate me in looks from 1 to 99.

Dare: Choose one of these numbers…if you DARE!!!! For every number you pick, I will give you a fun present! Answer immediately.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Fun Presents:

1. Send me the most embarrassing picture of you
2. Peel a potato with your teeth and send me the video
3. Do whatever I want for the rest of the day
4. Draw something funny on your face with a marker pen and post the pic
5. Peel a banana with your feet and send me the video
6. Bark like a dog for 3 minutes and send me the video
7. Tell me the most childish thing you still do as an adult
8. Walk around the house or down the street like a zombie and send me the video
9. Call me and tell me how excited you are about armpits
10. Tell me the silliest thing you still have an emotional attachment to
11. Take a pic of you wearing all your clothes back to front
12. Tell me the strangest place you have ever peed

Dare: Choose one number from 1-15. Each number has a different task for them to complete.


1. Treat me to dinner and ice-cream
2. Tell me our best memory
3. Compose a poem for me based on the first day we met
4. Be my slave for 2 days
5. Tell me something you have never told anyone
6. Rate my looks from 1-10
7. Make your status “I Love You (My name)” for 2 days
8. Tell me one habit of mine that you do not like
9. Put my picture as your profile for one week
10. Like and comment on all my Facebook pictures
11. Call my parent and tell them you can’t live without me..LOL
12. Take a voice clip of you shouting my name and send it to me
13. Tell me my best quality that you like
14. Describe your feelings for me using song titles
15. Ask me anything you want

Whatsapp Dare Games for Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Dare: Choose any your favourite Alphabet from A to Z and get ready for your dare.


A – Who am I for You.

B – Give me a treat

C – Ignore me 😀

D – Tell me a secret about you 😀

E – Delete my number :/

F – What was your secret ?

G – Send me a picture of your legs

H – Send a voice note saying that You love me.

I – Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now

J – Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O

K – Ask me out

L – Send me your latest picture

M – Make my picture your dp for 1 day

N – What’s your deepest secret?<3

O – Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice! (y)

P – Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t

Q – Write my name on your status saying you love me..!!

R – Be my slave for 2 days

S – Write your phone number in your status for 1 day!! B)

T – Send a pic of your crush.

U – Voice clip me saying I wanna go crazy

V – Tell me one thing you have never told anyone B-)

W – What’s on your mind

X – Describe me with a single Movie name ?

Y – How do you find me?

Z – Send me a picture of what your doing now.

Dare: There are 10 questions in this Whatsapp Dare for Lovers which you have to ask to your lover. (GF/BF)and let you know what your partner thinks about you. 😀

1. My contact name in your phone?

Answer: ___________________

2. The nick name you want to give me?

Answer: ____________________

3. Things you like most in me?

Answer: _____________________

4. Color that suits me?

Answer: _____________________

5. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)

Answer: _____________________

6. The thing you like most in my character?

Answer: _____________________

7. The thing you hate in my attitude?


8. Which type of dresses suits me most?

Answer: ____________________

9. Dedicate a song for our relationship?

Answer: ____________________

10. Rate my Whatsapp profile picture out of 100?

Answer: _____________________

Whatsapp Dare Games (Choose Alphabet)

Dare: Just choose an alphabet from A to Z

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.


A: Propose me in sexiest style

B: send me a pic of urs childhood

C. Who was your first crush

D: tell me your biggest secret

E: write am the love of your life in your status wid name

F: Write my name in ur status for A day

G: What you had done exact before sleeping yesterday

H: Record three minutes clip, saying something about me and send me.

I: give.me a tight hug

J: Make my name as your status saying that you want to marry me.

K: ice cream party

L: long drive

M: one song for me

N: Go shopping with me

O: What you will do, If I block you now on whatsapp

P: Tell me how many Bf / Gf you have?

Q: Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook

R: send a pic of your legs

S: Tell me why u love me

T: send me video of you telling me I am sweet

U: tell me the stupidest thing you did in your life

V: Have you ever think to block me on whatsapp

W: send me i love u three times

X: Why don’t take bath today

Y: Update your status with message ‘I am stupid’

Z: You are my, I can’t live without you.

Dare: Pick one letter from your name and I will tell you your character. Answer immediately.


A: Lazy
B: Smooth Operator
C: Talkative
D: Smart
E: Independent
F: Heart Breaker
G: Babyish
H: Humorous
I: Cheater
J: Enthusiastic
K: Helpful
L: Stubborn
M: Proud and Sweet
N: Adventurous
O: Bossy
P: Faithful
Q: Open and Calm
R: Secretive
S: Loving
T: Impatient
U: S3x Addict
V: Jumpy
W: Curious
X: Quiet
Y: Competitive
Z: Untrustworthy



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