What is Google Duplex? – Google Assistant Features, Release Date & More


Google Duplex is a new Assistant feature that can carry out specific tasks for you over the phone. It can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, schedule an appointment at a hair salon, or call businesses to check their opening hours.

All you have to do is launch Google Assistant on your phone and say something like, “Book a table for two at Luigi’s Pizza at 8 pm today,” and Duplex will do the rest. The AI feature will ring the pizza place and make a reservation in a natural, human-like voice. After the call, you’ll get a notification on your phone confirming the reservation.

Google demonstrated the technology during its I/O keynote, and it blew my mind. The tech giant played two recordings of calls made to a restaurant and a hair salon, showing how the feature works in action – check them out in the video below.

Google Duplex – the good and bad

What makes Google Duplex impressive is that it sounds like a real person with natural pauses and speech disfluencies like “hmm” and “umm,” which people generally use to gather their thoughts — Assistant doesn’t sound like a robot in those calls. Assistant also understands the context of conversations. So when a call doesn’t go as expected, as in the second example where the restaurant employee was not a native English speaker, Assistant still got the job done.

Google Duplex can seriously boost productivity. It’s a great tool for those too busy to deal with less important tasks like booking a hair salon appointment. It’s also great for people who struggle with hearing problems or phone anxiety (yes, that’s a real thing). Even better, the feature could be a lifesaver for travelers or people who don’t speak the local language well.

When will Google Duplex be available?

Google said it will start testing Duplex this summer, focusing first on making restaurant reservations, scheduling hair salon appointments, and getting holiday hours over the phone. We assume the feature will get smarter over time and become capable of taking on other tasks as well.

There’s no word on when the software will officially release. It will likely only work in English at first, with support for other languages hopefully coming soon after.

Google Duplex is a complicated technology. The company has to make sure it works as advertised before releasing it, otherwise, it will do more harm than good. Depending on how far the development of Duplex is, it’s possible we’ll have to wait for quite some time before it hits our devices.


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