How To Save WhatsApp Stories Easily (Without Screenshot)


How To Save WhatsApp Stories Easily (Without Screenshot)

Here you can download any Whitspace Story in the phone without screenshots. New Delhi (Tech Desk) The popular messaging app WhatsApp is releasing new features every day for its users. Under this, WhatsApp was presenting some of his most special features Whatsapp Stories while copying Snapchat a few days ago. Using this feature, users can place any photo or video of their choice as a state. It only exists for 24 hours.

In our news, we are going to tell you a trick through which you can save whatsapp stories. We will tell you through step by step how can you download any Whatsapp Story in the phone without a screenshot.

Step 1- Whatsapp states store in your phone’s local storage. If you want to see them, you can see it by going to your phone’s file manager. These states are located in the files of your file manager.

Step 2- You have to go to the SD card inside the phone’s file manager. Now go to the Whatsapp folder> Media> Statuses. If you do not see the option of the state after the media then for that you can click on the three dot in the upper right hand corner of the phone.

Step 3- After that, Show Hidden files will appear. You have to enable it. After which you will start seeing the Status option.

Step 4- Now you will see all whatsapp stories you saw in the Status option.

Step 5- After this long press on the story you want to save.

Step 6- States After the long press you will have some options. Of these, you have to select the copy. After that you can save that story wherever you want.


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